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BMW iX3 electric SUV: Are these leaked pictures of the production version?

Alleged pictures of the production version of the BMW iX3 electric SUV have leaked ahead of the start of production.

When unveiling the BMW iX3 concept vehicle in 2018, the German automaker said that it’s going to be the first electric vehicle based on its fifth-generation electric powertrain technology, which is designed to enable longer electric range.

BMW has been talking about a 74kWh battery pack, which the automaker claims is going to enable 440 km of range.

Though they are talking about a WLTP test cycle, which is often difficult to achieve in real-world conditions for most people. A real-world range of ~360 km (~230 miles) on a single charge is more likely.

The German automaker also disclosed 210 kW/286 hp as the power of the BMW iX3’s electric drivetrain.

We received a tip about an Instagram account claiming to have the first pictures of the production version of the iX3 electric SUV:

The images look very similar to the pictures of camouflaged iX3 production prototypes that BMW has previously released.

The alleged production version also features the aero wheels that BMW confirmed will be standard on the electric SUV.

When first unveiling the concept, BMW confirmed that the all-electric iX3 SUV will be built in China and exported to other markets starting in 2020.

However, earlier this year, BMW cancels its plan to launch the iX3 electric SUV in the US.

The German automaker’s dealers reportedly didn’t think they could sell the electric vehicle due to its range.

For comparison, the Tesla Model Y, which is a competitor in the electric small SUV/crossover segment, achieves over 300 miles of EPA range on a battery pack with a similar energy capacity.

What do you think of those alleged pictures of the BMW iX3 production version? Let us know in the comment section below.

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